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What is and how works display advertising

  • Display advertising known also as banner advertising presents the form of an advertising which combines commercial message visually using text, logos, images and other graphic. The advertising is usually based on customers previous web browsing for increasing the ads effect.
  • There can be various formats of display ads such as leaderboards, footerboards, banners or medium rectangles. The another criteria which makes banners diverse is their content which can be dynamic or statistic. The main difference is that dynamic ads are created dynamically, or more precisely their content is created dynamically whereas static banners come with fixed content.
  • The important part of display advertising are cookies as a unique identifier which allows software to recognize who is browsing the web page. Thanks to cookies the software can track customers behavior – whether he or she left the page without buying anything and so the advertiser can later retarget on these visitors with ads containing products from his e-shop.


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