SmartPoint introduction

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smartPoint presents a script tracker generated by Yottly which is integrated to your e-com pages and helps us to explore a shopping behavior of your customers. Thanks to this information in combination with our feeds we can personalize your online ads, newsletters and web pages even better. Before starting to use Yottly make always sure that SmartPoint is installed properly. Otherwise the personalization may not work rightly.

Why should I integrate smartPoint?

  • With smartPoint you can wholly personalize and customize your e-com pages according your customers needs and preferences
  • With this tracker you can see concrete products customer are looking at so you can analyze their needs even better
  • You will see how often they preview specific products and so you can see which of them you need to promote less and which need more promotion because of less interest
  • You can also study customer’s behavior and basically figure out latest online shopping trends what allows you to create better long-term marketing strategies

How I can implement the script?


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