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What’s smartPoint

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It is a special tracking code which allows Yottly to activate all its analyze functions and gain precious data about behavior of your web pages visitors. At the same time the tracking code gives Yottly the access to all necessary data needed for axiomatization campaigns such as dynamic retargeting e-mails, unfinished orders and more.

The smartPoint can be set up in three different ways:

  1. Direct integration of tracking script to e-commerce web page.
  2. GTM (google tag manager).
  3. Integration through AdForm container.


Please be aware of the fact that all scripts implemented through AdForm container can be blocked by the AdBlock browser extension and similar tools.

Considering further implementation, all scripts including smartPoints and web personalisation methods should be implemented on the same place! Otherwise there might be problems with web personaliser’s response due to asynchronous behavior of GTM.


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