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API trigger

API triggers are designed for e-mail real time sending triggered by calling Yottly API from the client side. They can be utilized, for example, to send special offer to customer immediately after his or her registration or any other action.

API trigger


header: X-Api-Key: your-api-key
  "email": "foo@bar.com",
  "campaignName": "Triggered Campaign",
  "customCustomerParameters": {

"parameter1name": "parameter1value",
"parameter2name": "parameter2value"
  • xx – Yottly ID of your eshop
  • your-api-key – Yottly API key for your eshop (Please ask us for the API key via email)
  • email – the e-mail address on which you want to send the e-mail
  • campaignName – the name of the campaign corresponding to the campaign name in Yottly
  • customCustomerParameters – optional, key-value pairs
  • parameter1name – the name of the parameter whose value you would like to display in an e-mail template
    • can contain only alphanumeric characters (A-Z+a-z+0-9,case-sensitive)
  • parameter1value – the value of the parameter which you would like to display in an e-mail template
    • If you do not know the value for an API call, do not use this parameter or use an empty string as the value



curl -H 'X-Api-Key:your-api-key' -d '{"email": "foo@bar.com","campaignName": "Triggered Campaign"}' https://api.yottly.com/shop/XX/send-trigger-mail


  • success
    • HTTP 200 { “status”: “ok”}
  • invalid input
    • HTTP 200 { “status”: “error”, “error”: “invalidInput” }
    • HTTP 200 { “status”: “error”, “error”: “noSuchCampaign” }
    • HTTP 200 { “status”: “error”, “error”: “campaignDisabled” }
  • error
    • HTTP 4xx 
    • HTTP 5xx
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