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Upload HTML template

This API allows you to import HTML templates created outside the environment of Yottly directly into the template store in your Yottly account.

header: 'X-Api-Key: your-api-key'
body: {name: "template-name", kind: "kind", recommender: "recommender", template-body: "html-file"}

  • yottly-id – Yottly ID of your eshop
  • your-api-key – Yottly API key for your eshop (Please ask us for the API key via email)
  • template-name – the name of the template in Yottly. Existing template will be overwritten.
  • html-file – a valid *.html file
  • kind, recommender – one of the following combination according to the type of your email template (see details here)


Template type kind recommender
Static standard staticRecommender
Personalised standard productsRecommenderNoCategories
Abandoned Cart Trigger cart cart
Shopping Intention Trigger zsv zsv
Right Before Consumption Trigger fmcg fmcg


 status: success | failure,
 message: string, //optional
 details: [ { line: int, column: int, message: string } ] //optional


jq -c -s -R '{name: "TEMPLATE_NAME", kind: "standard",
recommender: "staticRecommender", "template-body": .}' < TEMPLATE.html | \
curl -H 'X-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY' -d @-

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