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The personalization is nowadays one of the most important online marketing ingredients. Based on data analysis of customers previous behaviour together with prediction of their next steps on the web page the personalization can offer the right content people are looking for.

The good personalization is very closely connected with a good targeting. With Yottly you can perfectly personalize your online ads and newsletters according to customers preferences, their browsing behaviour and browsing history. Thanks to detailed data analysis, different data sources and automation, the Yottly can customize the content of banner or newsletter in a few seconds. Moreover Yottly works in real time and uses its predictions to personalise remarketing campaigns. Therefore it does not display what your visitors preview on your web page only, but also other products which could be interesting for them. It means that all annoying display banners which used to show the same products become banners with relevant and customized content.

Yottly offers you different kind of personalization:

  • Yottly contains pre-prepared HTML5 dynamic banners for product remarketing
  • Support for a 1-1 personalised campaign (the visitor is targeted with associated products)
  • Option of creating your own remarketing campaigns (select all visitors interested in brand “A” and shows them these products)
  • Option of uploading your own HTML5 banners and their classification to segments
  • Option of detailed campaign customisation

One of the advertising forms which is based on a personalization in a large extent is targeting. This form is based on targeted online ads which show to customers content based on their previous behaviour and internet actions.

The personalization in Yottly is mostly based on different behavioral attributes such as:

  • Product interest
  • Buying history
  • Site browsing history
  • Number of visits
  • Price sensitivity
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