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YOTTLY in nutshell

The main mission of Yottly is to make your online marketing even more efficient and effective. Based on programmatic advertising, automation and personalization the Yottly can manage your online campaigns in real time. The software can automatically decides which campaigns to launch and which to close based on their performance. Yottly helps you to achieve higher conversions and save time needed for routine and laborious campaign managment.


Yottly can manage 3 of the most important marketing channels of every online retailer – display, email and personalised web content – into one real-time analytical framework, equipped with its own artificial intelligence.

We’ve taught Yottly to recognise the latest buying signals, create an individual shopping profile, distinguish a visitor from a customer and automatically decide the best time for retargeting, when to get started with acquisition and when to remind through email triggers. And this means you have a considerably more successful online campaign at your fingertips.

Interested in finding out which one of your customers returns to your site and what she or he’s looking for today? Who’s choosing a new laptop and who’s picking a new dress? And how about reminding the customer just before s/he realises the kids’ snacks have run out? No problem!

Yottly helps you to bring all undecided or “sleeping” customers back to your e-shop. This is done both through retargeting (paid media) and remarketing (sending a series of newsletters with customized content to different audience segments).


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