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Campaign types

With Yottly you can run and manage different types of fully personalized campaigns.

  • DISPLAY ADS – This form of ads is presented on web pages. The ads consist mostly of images but can include text, video or audio as well. The products appeared in ad are picked from your web page and their selection is based on customers preferences and previous internet behaviour.

  • PERSONALIZED EMAILS – Give additional value to your newsletters and personalize them as much as possible. Yottly allows you with its personalized emails to create their content according to different customers segments and so offer them relevant content. Thanks to various options you can choose between the audience the newsletters will be sent to and also between the shown products. Thanks to data resulting from customers website behavior you can target your group with a high precision and create maximum personalized content.

personalized newsletters


  • TRIGGERED EMAILS – Triggered mails make your marketing even more automatic and help you to re-engage customers even more efficiently. The mails are marketing messages, mails based on customers behavior. Their power consists in inherently relevance, timeliness and valuable content. With Yottly you can choose between two types of triggered mails. Or you can try both of them and follow the results.
    • RIGH BEFORE CONSUMPTION TRIGGERSThese mails are based on periodicity of customers purchasing concrete product.
      • For example: John is buying dogs food in your e-shop. This kind of granullas can run out about in one month. After one month Yottly will send to John reminder that your e-shop is still offering the food he bought before a while and now there is special 20% discount. This kind of “reminders” are FMCG triggers.
    • SHOPPING INTENTION TRIGGERS: The content of these mails results from customers previous webpage browsing and behavior.
      • For example: Linda was looking for new coffee machine on your web page yesterday. Despite of 2 hours browsing she did not decide for any of them. How can you try to “catch her” now? With Yottly you can send her Remarketing trigger with the special content incorporating our top coffee machine. You can also include in your mail up sell or cross-sell strategy and offer her some other similar products or the product from the same product category but different price category.
    • ABANDONED CART TRIGGERS: Target the customer who has just left abandoned cart. You can segment the customers according to the cart content (added products, cart value, …) and tailor the email templates for them. If the customer does not react, another email can be sent automatically.
    • API TRIGGERS: Realtime triggering of Yottly e-mails by your API request.

  • WEB PERSONALIZATION – Engage your customers with recommended products and perfectly tailored offers. Speak to them through predictive recommendations and increase their average order value. Thanks to personalized banners with additional products offer you can attract people even more.
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