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Updates and release notes

Below you can find the list of main new features and bug fixes in Yottly.


  • coupon pools – notifications
  • flow campaigns



Past updates

March, 2019

  • Customer filter “Has name day today”
  • Enabled campaigns – disables campaigns settings while, campaign is active. The Goal is to minimize unwanted edits of already activated campaign.
  • External campaigns – Display correction of external campaign size



February, 2019

  • Product filter “Discount” (%)” / “Sale (%)”


January, 2019

  • Salutation – the opportunity to use in email. client customer templates – realization with “Custom customer parameter”
  • Option to insert dyn. variable to “custom query parameters”
  • Destination Optimization District – More detailed parser for ZIP CODE



December, 2018

  • New image editor in DragDrop editor
  • Faster loading of saved filters
  • Account Selection – Arrow Keys
    • error when downloading audiences defined by many filters

November, 2018

  • Upload HTML API
  • complete Google Analytics revision
    • trigger emails dashboard – filtering results by the type of trigger
    • fixed wrong summation of results
  • new languages (de, hu, ro, pl) on the unsubscribe landing page
    • import Assets (zip file) together with HTML template

October, 2018

  • improved tracking process – faster processing of cross-device matching
  • improved monitoring of data feeds history
  • export coupon history to CSV file – optimization for large databases
    • product image resizer – occasional server error

September, 2018

August, 2018

  • coupon pools – export & delete remaining coupons in the pool
  • export audience to CSV file – optimization for large databases
  • Drag & Drop editor – Undo and Redo feature with a timeline
  • email calendar – Delete campaign – added confirmation window
    • email calendar – sent time of past campaigns, fixed number of sent emails for AI campaigns
    • new audience – incorrect % in the revenue generated by selected customers

July, 2018

  • Campaign builder – “Recompute” button for eshops with more than 1 million customers
  • deduplication of email addresses
    • deduplicated after filtering
    • numbers of customers and unique emails displayed while creating audience
  • A.I. audience – algorithm speed and precision optimization
  • statistics of CLV campaigns visible also for currently disabled items
  • search saved audiences by substring
  • search template in RBCT and SIT settings
  • email subject as the template web version
    • account search – dropdown menu for IE browser
    • time campaigns – only active campaings according to campaignValidity are returned

June, 2018

  • coupon pools – search & archive
  • dashboard – search triggers by their type and name
  • unsubscribe landing page with translation and default language of user’s browser settings
  • “total order value” filter added to “Recently purchased products” customer filter
  • CLV – testing email
  • export to CSV optimization
  • added account search
  • name of the template in HTML editor
  • “TEST” added automatically to testing email subjects
    • deduplication of email addresses for triggers (currently applied to all Yottly campaigns)

May, 2018

April, 2018

  • newsletters – new “Statistics” with available lists of email addresses for download: sent, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, undelivered and complained
  • Google Analytics – easier integration
  • export to CSV optimization
    • Export audience for newer Chrome version

March, 2018

  • templates – new “set as default” feature
  • maximum length limits of template, subject, mirror text and UTM parameters
  • API trigger – response error message
  • new customer filter “Zip code”
  • dashboard – speed optimization
    • suggested results for “exact” operator in filters
    • CLV – add new step and choice of customer filters
    • Abandoned Cart – save and cancel process
    • mirror text for testing emails of RBCT and SIT

February, 2018

  • Drag&Drop editor
    • added “Do not stack on mobile” feature
    • multiupload of images into file directory]
    • added row background image
    • added Video content

January, 2018

  • Drag&Drop editor
    • encoding of product parameters created by “Add product” feature
    • Outlook – fixed button link behavior
  • API trigger – custom parameters supported
    • trigger testing emails from Assets
    • invisible tracking pixel in templates
    • internal campaigns – loading and saving
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