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Seeing results

triggers results

  • Targeted – Number of reached customers/Number of email addresses the newsletter has been sent to
  • Open rate – The ratio of people who opened a newsletter against the total number of sent emails in a campaign. The value always refers to particular campaign not date period. This metric is very useful for email subject A/B testing.
  • CTR – Click through rate is the ratio of users who clicked on specific link in a campaign to the number of total users who were impressed (viewed a page,opened an email or ad).
  • Unsubscribe rate – The ratio of customers who unsubscribed your newsletters against the total number of sent emails in a specific email  campaign.
  • Conversions – number of orders
  • Conversion rate – the percentage of customers who take a desired action – making orders
  • Revenue – Net sales
  • Last click – Last click refers to place/ad where the customer came from to your webpage
  • Last click conversions – The number of provided last clicks
  • Last click revenue – The number of sales attributed to last click
  • Assisted click – Any search ad click that happened prior to the “last click” before a conversion.
  • Assisted click revenue – The number of sales attributed to assisted click
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