Web personalization

  • The web personalization is tailoring web page’s content and in our case mostly appeared online ads to match specific user’s instructions or preferences
  • The primary purpose of web personalization has been the possibility to react on individual customer’s needs such as shopping assistants in retail stores do
  • Doing cross-selling or upselling without personalization is ineffective
  • Showing all your customers the same message/product is not enough anymore
  • Any list of top-selling products or discounts cannot be so effective as personalized feed with tailored products group
  • Customers want to “feel” individual approach from e-shop side, they do not want to see in their online ads always the same products
  • Personalized e-mails and banners are good but they should always lead to a personalized website
  • Moreover Yottly allows you to personalize web pages according to current discounts or brands



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