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Upsell personalization

Upsell personalization strategy is based on recommending your customers different products which are from the similar category as the one they are purchasing but a little bit more expensive. Thanks to maximal personalization you can be sure that only relevant and appropriate products will be recommended. By implementing this strategy you can increase your profit and also help customers to buy things that they will enjoy.


  • Upselling strategy allows you to make a little extra money with each order
  • There can be more variants of upsell personalization such as:
    • Recommending similar products as a customer is buying on the order confirmation web page. For example when a customer is buying smartphone you can recommend him the smartphones with the bigger screen (and also higher price).
    • Offering discount items at checkout. For example when a customer is purchasing a laptop you can offer the entire series of more expensive laptops but at a discounted rate.
    • Offering to customer the upgraded version of the product. For example if a customer is buying 2GB memory card give them a chance to upgrade it to a 3 GB at the check out for only “X” more money.
    • The maximal personalization handled by Yottly ensures high matching between customers needs and offered products.
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