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How it works

The web personalization works on simple basis. At the beginning a customer places products to a shopping bag and before he or she purchases an order the special offer with similar designed products is offered to them. The similar designed products are for example additional products (e.g. accessories), products chose according to customer’s preferences or products which he or she has browsed before or which have been browsed by customers from similar audience group.

advantage-img1The advantages of web personalization:

  • Customers do not need to make long browsing until they find relevant and interested products regard for their preferences and needs
  • Customers feel much better and comfortable while tailored content is appeared to them. They have a negative approach to ads with already bought or not relevant products.
  • Conversions increasing and also increasing of average order amount
  • Higher number of loyal and returning customers
  • There is no need to hire more people for manual adding and selecting relevant products which should be recommended to customers
  • Moreover, Yottly gives you the possibility to include in web personalization totally personalized discounts and products chosen according to brand






We provide following personalization methods:

  • Homepage – personalize the first page your visitor see
  • Detail of product
    • Complements – designed for cross-sell recommendation
    • Substitutes – designed for up-sell recommendation
  • Detail of cart – recommendation of complements

Yottly attributes only the purchases of products, which were recommended by Yottly in less than 7 days prior the conversion and the customer clicked through this recommendation.

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