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Products feed

  • Product feed contains all products that are in the database. Because there is a direct link between Orders feed and Products feed, all products listed in the Order feed must be in the Product feed. Otherwise we are not able to include this product into the YOTTLY analytics engine because there is no information about it.
  • Each product may have unlimited number of variants. A product variant is the same product with different parameters e.g. different color, different size, different package size etc. Each product variant may overwrite all attributes of parent product except for CATEGORYTEXT and BRAND. If the attribute is not specified for a given variant, its value is inherited from the parent product.
  • Products can have the most metadata parameters from all feeds. We recommend to provide as many parameters as you need – you will be able to filter your customers according to their interaction with products of such parameters.


Field nameField typeRequiredDescription
PRODUCT_IDStringyesinternal product ID
TITLEStringyesProduct’s title
PRICEFloat, >0yesProduct’s price including VAT.
URLStringyesDirect URL to given product.
IMAGEStringnoDirect URL to product’s image. This image should match the main image of a product. An image with dimensions around 300x300px is expected
DESCRIPTIONStringnoProduct’s description (plain text without HTML tags)
BRANDStringnoProduct’s brand
STOCKIntegernoNumber of pieces on stock. Must be >=0 (default: STOCK=1)
PRICE_BEFORE_DISCOUNTFloat, > 0noPrice of a product before discount.
PRICE_BUYFloat, > 0noBuy price of a product
CATEGORYTEXTStringnoPath of category names separated by the vertical bar "|"
PRODUCT_LINEStringnoProduct’s line
VARIANTList of ProductnoSee product variants for details. Variant of a product e.g. different t-shirt size. All fields may be rewritten except for CATEGORYTEXT and BRAND. Each variant needs to have unique PRODUCT_ID that will be later used in Orders feed in ITEMS as a identificator of an ordered product. All other fields are optional.
SHOWBooleannoProduct should be promoted or not (default SHOW=True).
PARAMETER[par1,par2]noParameters for given product




Variants are used to group several products (in the case of different package size for example).

If no variants are specified, single variant will be formed from the product definition.

Each variant is formed by taking fields present in top-level product and attaching fields from the variant. When a field is present in both top-level product and a variant, the field from variant takes precedence.

All fields allowed in top-level product are allowed.


XML format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
                    <BRAND>Unknown Brand</BRAND>
                    <TITLE>Product title</TITLE>
                    <DESCRIPTION>Product's description with unlimited length</DESCRIPTION>
                    <CATEGORYTEXT>Clothing | T-shirts</CATEGORYTEXT>
                              <TITLE>Product title</TITLE>
                              <DESCRIPTION>Product's description with unlimited length</DESCRIPTION>
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