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Google analytics integration

With Yottly you can check easily different metrics referring to your performance directly on Main Dasboard. All these data are provided by Google Analytics which we implement to your campaigns (in case you already do not have the access to Google Analytics).

How to guide

The interface between Yottly and Google Analytics is ensured by campaign UTM code (utm_campaign). Each campaign includes different UTM (it can be newsletter title, promoted product title or anything else). UTM ensures that your campaign can be found in Google Analytics and all important and relevant data can be transferred directly to Yottly reports.

Yottly automatically adds specific prefix to each utm_campaign in order to distinguish between individual newsletter types:

Newsletter typePrefixExample
one-time newsletters (classic, AI campaign, external campaign)yot_email_yot_email_SuperSale
Right before consumption triggeryot_trigger_fmcg_yot_trigger_fmcg_SuperSale
Shopping intention triggeryot_trigger_zsv_yot_trigger_zsv_SuperSale
Abandoned cart triggeryot_trigger_cart_yot_trigger_cart_SuperSale
API triggeryot_trigger_api_yot_trigger_api_SuperSale
CLVyot_clv_*boxtype*_, where *boxtype*={welcome,transaction,sleeping,wback,upsell,loyalty,leaving,lost}yot_clv_transaction_SuperSale
Popup Double Opt-in emailyot_popup_optinyot_popup_optin_SuperSale
Popup Confirmation emailyot_popup_success_yot_popup_success_SuperSale
Flow campaignyot_flow_yot_flow_SuperSale
Testing emailsyot_test_yot_test_SuperSale

What is Google Analytics?

  • Free Google service
  • The main purpose of usage is to track and report your website traffic
  • Provides numbers for conversions, revenue, CTR, Last click, Assisted click, ROI and much more


Atribution models


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