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A/B test

  • Thanks to this filter together with our possibility to check your CTR and Open rate in real time directly on our dashboard you can now build powerful A/B testing campaigns
  • You can split customers into two or more different groups. You can insert values between 1 and 100 representing audience proportion.
  • Just keep in your mind that these groups are fixed. It means once you fill to the first group customers from 1-50 and to the second from 51 to 100 it will always presents the same group of customers. This allows you to switch between the groups and switch between group A to group B.
  • For example on Monday you want to send campaign which you want to split between two groups. First group A will receive newsletter with pink background and second group B with black background. The values you are going to insert are in percentage so you can set Audience as follows:
  • B


  • A
  • So you will have in one campaigns two different mails with two different audience groups and A/B campaign is set
  • Bez názvu
  • Next day you can switch groups and send the group with pink newsletter black one and the same with another group.
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