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Shopping intention trigger

  • Shopping intention trigger is sent to people who has previewed during last N days a specific product but did not buy anything from the same category for last M days
  • In case they previewed two and more products several times we are choosing automatically the TOP of them
  • The newsletter usually contains:
    • 1 Hero product – the one a customer previewed the most and did not buy anything from the same category
    • 3 products consistent with Upsell strategy (Substitutes)
    • 3 products consistent with Cross-sell strategy (Complements)
    • Frequency of sending for this type of trigger can be set individually
  • You can read more about triggers here

Select Shopping intention trigger in Emails option and set Frequency of sending an e-mail

shopping intention

shopping intention 1

  • Here you can also Evaluate audience to see e-mails addresses to which triggers will be sent and you can also Send testing mail and check if it is working appropriately.
  • The last step allows you to set the Email subject. This is also an important part since your subject line presents the first impression on your customers. Sometimes it can be even more important as email body and it is u quite often decisive component which can persuade the customer to preview the email.
  • On the right side you need to fill also Email parameters similarly as for other newsletters campaigns
    • Mirror text – the text shown in email subject
    • UTM source – to identify a search engine, newsletter name, or other source.
    • UTM medium – to identify a medium such as email or cost-per- click
    • UTM campaign suffix – Used for keyword analysis. Use utm_campaign to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.
  • email parameters
  • The example of mirror text:mirror text 1mirror text 2
  • After setting all parameters it is always very useful to send testing email so you can see the newsletter is working properly. For sending testing mail click on small envelope icon. Than you need to fill in email address, green Plus button and Send testing mails. After receiving the email make sure all links work properly, try to click on them and also make sure products are shown correctly.
    Shop ID
    If you want to pair the personalized content of the testing mail with a specific customer, fill in Shop ID. This ID must be the same as one of customers ID from customer feed. test emaill 
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