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CLV (1 year)

  • Customers who are predicted to spend less/more/equal/between specific amount during following year. The computation is based on a statistical model involving buying behaviour of your customers (previous orders, their number, frequency and value).

CLV category

  • Similarly as in previous filter, customers are divided according amount they will spend the following year. But customers are divided automatically into three groups high/mid/low. It means you do not fill concrete amount they spent, its value is calculated automatically.
  • For example in case you are targeting on customers who have been buying hand cream, high CLV category can be 450 Kč, mid 200 Kč and low 60 Kč. Whereas when you are targeting on those who have been buying TVs high can be 20 000 Kč, mid 10 000 Kč and low 5000 Kč.
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