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Dynamic banner

  • Content is based on and adjusted to different segments while using Dynamic audiences segmentation
  • It means that content comes from customers previous browsing behavior
  • Dynamic element usually are: products, product’s info and price
  • Brings higher conversation rate, build loyalty, increase revenue, lead generation
  • Improve customer trust through personal recognition

Upload your banners in Assets (here you can find how to upload your banenrs).

Select dynamic banner, fill in campaign’s name, responsible person and budget. YOTTLY BOT parameters are adjusted automatically according to your budget amount.dynamic banner

Choose the period of running for your campaign. Write requested dates into the columns under the table.banner timing

The last step is selecting the segment you want to target and banner you want to use. On the top of the tab you can see all available banners. Clicking on small “eye” icon you can preview the design of banner you are going to use.segmenty banenry

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