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Custom Parameter

Custom parameter presents filters based on data you have forwarded us. It allows you to filter products according to different attributes such as product line, usage, size, weight of package e.t.c. Everything depends on data you collect and send to Yottly what means that possibilities of filters are now almost endless. Thanks to this you can now for example send all your pink products to women and black to men.

Or you can target on all customers who use to order Dove products and recommend to women hair products and to men body products. Setting new products filter allows you to target with even better precision and create even more detailed personalized campaigns.

The another example of usage is when you have very specific products such as creams for older skin, dry skin, young skin and so. Now you can filter all these products and s edn them to right people. Or are you selling eletronincs? Segment your customers on these who could be interested in smaller 8″ tablets  and on those with interest in bigger 10″ screen tablets. The possibilities of segmentation are now getting much bigger.

custom parameter


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