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Code editor

  • Code editor allows you to edit your e-mail template directly in Yottly app
  • Different buttons on the top allow you also to see how your template will appear on various devices such as desktop, tablet or phone
  • You can also use classic buttons such as Undo, Redo, Preview or Save and preview
  • You can also adjust the extent of editor and template by mving a middle bar left or right
  • It is possible to hide preview at all with Hide preview button, in this case you will see html code on full screen
  • Do not forget about Send testint mail option. It is always very useful to send newsltter on few adresses and check if all links, banners and subsribing link are working appropriately

ode editor

  • It is also possible to change editor theme according to your preferences

editor theme

  • Editing a template is easy. Simply click on the template’s part you want to edit. Then you will be automatically forwarded in HTML code to a place which reffers to selected part and you can start with editing.

html editor

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