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  • While working with content section you can use these features below
  • For using them simply drag one inside a column, it will auto-adjust to the column width
  • You can edit every newsletter’s block separately

editor buttons


  • Drag this icon to a structure’s section and start typing
  • You can also change the font, size and much more directly in a newsletter
  • On the right side you can change also colours, line highs and proposition of text section

editor text

  • In case you want to customize a link mostly if you do no want to underline it, this can be found in the tab where you inserted URL
  • Link’s color can be changed in links settings

editor link


  • Drag image from the left to newsletter’s section where you want to place it
  • Then several options will show you on the right side
  • Here you can insert URL for image, write alternative text, align and more

editor image


  • Drag button icon to a section where you want to place it in newsletter
  • Then you can find on the right several option for editing color, text of button, aligning, spacing, adjusting borders and much more
  • Do not forget to insert a link where you want to navigate your customers with a button

editor button


  • Drag Divider icon directly where you want to place it
  • Again on the right side you can find different settings options such as colour, width, spacing, padding and more

editor devider


  • Drag Social icon from the right side to your newsletter and show let your customers find on social pages as well
  • On the right side you can find different settings options
    • Selection icon collection allows you to choose between different buttons designs
    • By using edit you can add URL link for icon
    • Wit Add new icon you can insert more social media icons depending on your needs and preferences

editor sicocial

Dynamic Content

  • Dynamic content includes tracking pixel which needs to be included in all your newsletters so we can see on which product you customer clicked
  • Drag this icon always un the bottom of a newsletter

editor-dynamic content


  • Adding HTML element to your newsletter enables you to insert your own codes

editor html button

Padding & Bording

  • While editing images or whole sections the editor gives you ability of control on padding and bording. Set either around a content element for all sides at once or individually for each side. This can be found in both – Content and Structure


Delete, move and copy buttons

  • These buttons are available for both – elements and whole newsletter’s sections



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