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  • Here you can choose between different types of rows and columns. You can use from one to four columns
  • Select and use structure easily by dragging it to your newsletter’s template
  • For every column you can decide for different content – image or text
  • You can easily move, trash or copy whole sections
  • Every row has its own settings, which gives you flexibility in creation. You can for example choose one colour of entire row and different one for message area
  • Keep in mind that from the chosen structure depends also your products layout


  • While clicking on a specific structure there will appear different setting options on the right side such as background colour, padding and bording.

editor structure

Padding & Bording

  • While editing images or whole sections the editor gives you ability of control on padding and bording. Set either around a content element for all sides at once or individually for each side. This can be found in both – Content and Structure
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