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Product template

Product template is special because of unique content which is offering to customers based on their preferences, personalization and previous behavior. This means that every customer is receiving different content. The template is using the same Mustache as Static template complemented by Mustache below.


This kind of personalisation can be also used for API triggers.


Yottly recommends in one template maximum of 10 products. One product comes wit various attribute (*=1, 2, …, 10):

  • {{product*_title}} – product’s name
  • {{product*_url}} – products’s URL
  • {{product*_image}} – link to image’s URL
  • {{product*_price}} – product price
  • {{product*_price_before}} – price before discount
  • {{product*_brand}} – product’s brand
  • {{product*_description}} – product’s description
  • {{product*_free_shipping}} – if shipping is free or not (true/false)
  • {{product*_pack}} – amount of pieces included in package

In case an image is producing by Yottly resizer you need to extend Mustache with an image’s size. As for example:

src=” {{product1_image}}/195/195

There is no need to use alll attributes. They are optional according to template’s settings. In case you want to use condition if/else, you can use the attribute Mustache.js

// IF


Doprava zdarma




Dopravné 69,-


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