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Right before consumption trigger

Right before consumption template is special because of unique content which is offering to customers based on their preferences, personalization and previous behavior. This means that every customer is receiving different content. The template is using these special Mustache:


Main products

  • {{fmcg*_title}}
  • {{fmcg*_price}}
  • {{fmcg*_price_before}}
  • {{fmcg*_url}}
  • {{fmcg*_image}}
  • {{fmcg*_brand}}
  • {{fmcg*_description}}



Personalised complements

  • {{complement*_title}}
  • {{complement*_price}}
  • {{complement*_price_before}}
  • {{complement*_url}}
  • {{complement*_image}}
  • {{complement*_brand}}
  • {{complement*_description}}


In order to add more placeholders/products to the template, you will also have to divide them using special “IF” tags, like so:

Product 2
{{/fmcg2_title}} {{#fmcg3_title}}
Product 3
{{/fmcg3_title}} {{#fmcg4_title}}
Product 4

You can see the practical example in the default Yottly template – pay attention to the “IF” tags, as mentioned above:

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